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I am planning a wedding in Borgo a mozzano in 2016. We have been offered a variety of dates between June and September. We would like it to be warm enough for guests to use the pool and hopefully avoid any rain but also don't want it to be too uncomfortably hot on the wedding day. Which month would you suggest? Most websites show me historical weather for Lucca but not Borgo.




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wedding in Tuscany


Though I can not offer you specific info on Borgo I can give you some general info on Tuscany -

June is a great month weather wise - many times even hotter than the rest of the summer! but the evenings still cool down a bit and make for a great contrast. However keep in mind that many people are still just opening their pools and the water can still be a bit brisk. Now if you are coming in from the north then you probably won't notice ... when you are used to the warm waters of the Keys in will notice :)

July - besides the fact that our last summer was exceptionally wet (so ALWAYS be sure you plan your wedding with a rain alternative inside) has many things in bloom and the pools are very swim-able, no matter where you come from.

August is a tough month not only because of the day long high temps but because you will find many suppliers (giving you a wide price range to choose from) closed.

September - is normally a lovely month both in temps, weather and availability of services. Our Summers have been stretching into September so the pool, outdoor activities and nice weather are all very possible.

Just remember, you can never really predict the weather and temps, so when you make your plans always be sure you are happy with the alternative arrangements (and eventual expenses) for having to stay inside - both for the ceremony and the reception.

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Wedding Weather!


Typically June - September are the best months to get married. As I'm sure you're aware July and August can get very hot in Tuscany so I would be tempted to choose ether June or September. I always find September a beautiful month.

I have a home in Bagni di Lucca, so I know the are very well. Where are you getting married in Borgo a Mozzano?

I wish you the very best of luck!