Wedding in Tuscany


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Hi Everyone My name is Tracey and this is my first post ! Our Daughter is getting married in Tuscany August 6th 2018 !! My husband and I haven't bought a return flight ticket back to UK as we are thinking about exploring!! We want to stay at good beach area's and we are not driving,only by rail or plane. Any suggestions as to where to start ? Cheers


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Beaches in Tuscany


Congrats !! I love a destination wedding :cool:

You didn't really mention what part of Tuscany she is getting married in - so that I could suggest the nearby beaches, however, this article gives you a good overview of the different options.

If you go over to Elba Island (you can get there and stay there without a car), here is one option we love:

This is another place I have visited that I know doesn't require transport:

Buon Viaggio,

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Yes, let us know where the wedding will be at so that we can suggest something either close by... or not. August is high season and especially so for the beach, so it will be important to decide ahead of time where you want to go and book as soon as you can!