Wedding vendors around Lucca - florist, gelato cart, cake shop

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Hi there,

I am going to Tuscany tomorrow with my fiance to look at our wedding location (north of Lucca) and talk to some vendors. I have found a florist, a gelato cart and a cake shop but if possible I would really like to visit at least one other vendor for each category to compare services and prices. Would anyone have any suggestions for vendors close to Lucca? We're getting married next June. I also love the idea of having a Millefoglie cake made fresh in front of the guests (around 70), would anyone know if that is usually done like that?

Thank you so so much in advance!!


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Comparison Prices


I have assisted several couples to plan their wedding in Tuscany and the thing I always told them was: go local.

While you are looking at the venue, scope out the town nearby and then go directly to the florist and bakery in the town. Their prices are usually pretty competitive when you take into consideration they know the location, they know the logistics, they are local so they are nearby when you arrive for the wedding and need to make your final run for confirmation and because normally they know the owners or property so they already know what works and doesn't.

If you already choose the locals then go to the town next door and ask for a comparison price. You probably don't want to get the service too far out of the venue area because they will tack on an extra cost for transport.

If you are just doing it for comparison reasons you can also just walk into any florist and/or pastry shop in Lucca. As for the gelato cart, that is a pretty particular service in the sense not a lot of people offer that service - so if it is what you want then you might not find a lot to compare it with.

Buon Viaggio,

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Also getting married in Lucca

Hi. I am sorry to respond without an answer, but i am also going to be getting married in Lucca and we are desperately trying to find a local florist / gelato cart and cake shop. Apologies to ask but would you mind sharing the details of the ones you have found so i could also get a quote. I would really appreciate it as we are really struggling to find any and will not be visiting Lucca before the wedding.

The only local person i have found who i have recieved a quote from was Petit Jardin who are a local florist. However their quote was as expensive as other more well known florists we have been sent by our weddng planner

Many thanks


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Do you have a local wedding planner? It would be best to get back to her to ask for more recommendations - even if they aren't based in Lucca.
The entire area around Pistoia is well known for their "vivai" which are greenhouses. They export plants and flowers all over the world, so it might be easier to find better rates from florists in that area.

As for the gelato cart, the best bet would to be in touch with a gelateria and ask if they have the cart ready to use. Gelato carts aren't very common here in Italy, so the best way to get great quality would be direct from a gelateria you like (or that participates in fairs/festivals and thus has a way to move their frozen product without it melting).
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