What coastal / seaside resort ?


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Hello everybody,
I need some help , i'm coming to tuscany in May for my 25th wedding anniversay , we want to stay by the sea , but be able to get out and about easily to visit Florence , Piza , and all the other beautiful places . So where would all you lovely people recommend us to stay , thanks Tracy


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how many days will you have?

Ciao Tracy and welcome to our forum!

Congrats on 25 years, what a great way to celebrate anniversary!

How many days will you have total in Tuscany? And is this the first time you're coming?
Would you like to stay at the seaside the entire time or just for a few days as part of your stay?
Will you have a car or depend solely on public transportation to get around?

All these questions will help us suggest a more precise location or even resort, since there are many nice places along the coast but not necessarily right on the road or town...and each town has its own character: the area around Viareggio (called Versilia) is very well connected by train and will make it easy to get to Pisa, Lucca, Florence, most of the lodgings in this area are quite luxurious and fancy, the beaches are sandy and flat, with lots of bathing establishments along the beach offering sun umbrellas and lounge chairs. Makes me think that May is not traditionally that warm for the sea but that really depends on whether we get some nice warm weather and where you're from, since many from northern Europe would consider the sea warm here by May while some Italians think it is too cold! :D

Another beautiful area you can consider is the coast between Pisa and Livorno, a little more rugged than the Versilia with a wider range of lodgings. From the coast, you can get to Florence by train in 1.5-2 hours. If you rent a car, you can also stay in lodgings outside of the town, which many resorts per se will not be in..... I hope I've offered some ideas for you to consider as you make your plans, and if you have more questions, let us know!