What kind of city pass if i want to travel to these places in Florence?


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I plan to visit these places in Florence:-
1.Florence Cathedral
2. Ponte Vecchio
3. Palazzo Vecchio
4. Palazzo Pitti
5. Pizza del Duomo
6. Giotto Bell Tower

Do I need any city passes or I should just purchase the tickets individually? If so how can I skip the line?
Can anyone advise?



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some of the places listed on your list either don't need tickets or don't make-up part of the Firenze Card, however, I suggest first you read this article:


Then maybe this one for more ticket information:


And it isn't clear how many days you will be in Florence, but you might appreciate this suggested in:


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As Donna pointed out with the article on the Duomo - the cathedral and Giotto's bell tower are included in the Duomo pass which costs 18 euro and is valid for 72 hours.
Piazza del Duomo is the square where they are both located, so no ticket needed for that - but once you have the pass, I highly encourage you to also visit the Baptistery and the museum behind the cathedral (and the crypt inside the cathedral).

Palazzo Vecchio would need its own ticket, as would Palazzo Pitti.

Ponte Vecchio is a bridge, no need for a ticket for that!

I think if you're planning to see these, no need for the Firenze Card, just buy 3 separate tickets, it will cost less! You can buy on the spot, as none really have long lines that require booking ahead of time (unless you're coming in the summer).