What museums gives free entry every first sunday of the month for tourists


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We will be in Florence on October 4 which falls on a first Sunday of the month. I've recently read in one of your articles that some museums are free for residents only. Could you give the list of museums which gives free entry to tourists on first Sundays of the month.

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The STATE museums remain free to everyone - you can see the full list here:



I was wondering if this same policy will continue into 2016. If yes, do you know how the Galleria Dell' Accademia gets on the free Sunday? I've heard there is a long wait time on a typical day. I imagine the free day could get out of hand in terms of the volume of people arriving. I'm planning to visit the weekend of 2/6-7 and am wondering if I should just purchase tickets for the day prior to ensure entry.

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Open on Sundays


Normally February is a great month for visiting the museum because in the winter months the lines are at a minimum (see Top 5 things to do in Winter) However you will have the locals who will be enjoying the same free offer, so the earlier you are in line the faster it is to enter into any of the museum - especially the Uffizi, the Accademia and Palazzo Vecchio. Some museums will not have as much of a line, like Bargello, the History Museum or Novecento...so maybe choose to do those museums free and then pay for entry into the others.

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Yes, FREE first Sunday is not part of Italian Culture Ministry policy so it shouldn't be going away soon.
Even though winter is low season, the museums still get pretty full on that first Sunday when lots of locals go too. As Donna suggested, I would recommend taking advantage and visiting the smaller museums - such as the Bargello, San Marco, Medici Chapels - on that Sunday and leave the Uffizi or Accademia to another day. In your case, that would be the day before since you only have the weekend. You might not need to book ahead of time, given the low season.
It is impossible to BOOK tickets for the free Sunday - it is museum policy to not give preference to anyone and let everyone get in line to enjoy the museums.