What to expect in November?


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We will be in Florence in late November and do not know what to expect beyond what books note. Any suggestions? In 7 days, what are MUSTs to see? My travel partner has a bad knee and cant walk long distances, any suggestions for seeing the sights? How is weather? Lines? My last time to Italy was a few years ago in August, which was too packed with tourists, which I dont expect in Nov. Also looking for unique events and suggestions for the over 50.


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Ciao Alkidoll,

November is a very nice month to visit, you are definitely in "low" season and there are less tourists in general. Weather by then is already getting a bit colder and you'll need to layer sweaters and at least a medium-weight coat. During the day you might get by with just the coat or sweater, but evenings are chilly. Think to dress in layers in any case, but as each person perceives temperatures in a different way, I recommend you take a look at average temperatures in Florence to get an idea of what it will be like in November:
average temperatures in Florence. Museum lines are practically non-existent at certain times of the day, at others you'll still find lines but bearable.

There is a lot of walking to do in Florence to see the sights but you can limit the areas you see on foot by taking a taxi from one area to another you want to visit. You can also jump on the busini ecologici (small ecological buses) that cross the historical center to move from one place to another. You can see schedules and routes here: http://www.ataf.net/en-US/Timetable...es/Linee-centro-storico.aspx?LN=en-US&idC=934

If you're concerned about too much walking, you could also look into
WHEELCHAIR RENTALS - although some parts of Florence are hard to navigate on wheels because of the cobblestones. You could wait to get here and decide for yourself, look into the first two on the list then considering they are free:
- Arciconfraternita of Misericordia – Piazza Duomo, 19 -Ph. +39 055 212222 Free rental according to the availability. Apply personally to the ambulance service.
- Fratellanza Militare Sede Sud – Via Sant’Agostino – Ph. +39 055 26021
Free rental according to the availability. http://www.fratellanzamilitare.com/
- Dei Ortopedia - Via Pisana 71/r - Ph. +39 055 224090
1 month € 60 - 15 days € 40 - 1 week € 25
Possibility of delivery and withdrawal at the hotel for a minimum of 3 days € 60, 1 week €80
- Ortopedia Vergelli – Via Guido Monaco 5 – Ph. +39 055 359991
1 week € 25 - 1 day € 10 - house to house service € 20
(1 day = rental + house to house service = € 30)

7 days are a good amount of time to see Florence - you should definitely see some of the main museums, churches and monuments - see these sections for recommendations: Florence museums, monuments and churches.

Depending on what your own interests and preferences, you'll like some museums more than others so give us a little more information on what you like and maybe we can offer more specific suggestions about what to see or do during your stay in Florence. The same applies for events - are you interested in food-related events, music, theater, opera...? let us know! :)