What To See With A Hire Car When Staying In Chianti


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Hello Lourdes,

We are travelling around Florence/Tuscany for 10 days from the 31st of August. We will be staying in Pisa for 2 nights, then in central Florence (near the main train station) for 3 nights, we're then getting a hire car and staying in Radda - Chianti for 3 nights and then going on to Elba for 2 nights.

From reading all the information online it seems that it would have been better to stay in one place (e.g- Chianti) and travel around. But oh well...

I wanted to ask you about the best things to see/do whilst we're in Chianti and have use of our hire car? What/where are the things/places worth seeing that are only accessible by car? We are going to try and do the things that are accessible by public transport- whilst staying in Pisa and central Florence, and do the more rural/inaccessible trips whilst in Chianti with our car.

I would also absolutely love to hear your tips/thoughts on our above trip, if there's anything you would advise whilst we're staying in all those different places- It'd be great to know.

Thank you very much,