What's the best town to stay with two active boys ages 9 and 10 in July?


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Hello, we are planning to take our 2 sons, ages 9 and 10, to Tuscany in July for about a week or so! I would like to rent a house or an apartment with a pool. I would really like to show them Pisa, Lucca, Sienna and hit a beach for at least a day (preferrably 2 days :) ). Question, what is the best town to stay near to be in about an hour driving distance to all of these places? Is it even possible considering summer touristy traffic? Any advice is appreciated!

I'm also thinking of going to Rome for a few days after a week in Tuscany, but I'm afraid that I may hate the business and hot temperature after a relaxing Tuscany stay. I was also thinking of going to Naples as a day trip from Rome to see Pompeii.. Any suggestions?


Pro Loco Sovicille

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Good place to stay with two boys


You could consider choosing a nice apartment in Sovicille (in the beautiful tuscan countryside, at only 13 kms from Siena) www.prolocosovicille.it. Some nearby places, your two boys will certainly like:
-Siena; wonderful town that offers a lot ... Piazza del Campo with its beautiful tower "Torre del Mangia", the Duomo, the museum Santa Maria della Scala (where there is a section for children as well) "museo d'arte per bambini", consider that there are daily guided tours in Siena...
-Monteriggioni; very nice fortificated village with an interesting, little museum for children and you have also the opportunity to walk a short track of the medieval walls that are entirely surrounding the village.
-The wonderful Abbey of San Galgano (next to it, the chapel with the sword in the stone!).
-Pievasciata with its very beautiful sculpture park ...
For other information, we'll be happy to help you!