What's up with the cultural guide in Italy?


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Ciao a tutti!

I'm planning a trip to Tuscany next September with my girlfriend. I wanted to get tickets for a theatre show (play, opera, musical, concert...whatever!) but it seems that it's an impossible mission.

I know the cities I want to take her (Pisa, Lucca, Pistoya, Firenze, Arezzo, Asciano, Siena and San Gimignano) but I DO NOT have the route planned yet (so I don't know which day we will be in which city). So I tried to look for ANY show, in ANY city, in ANY day that we are going to be in Tuscany. And I found NOTHING! I have looked up the official websites of the main theaters in every city, and their program only covers until July.
For example:
Teatro Petrarca (Arezzo) - http://www.toscanaspettacolo.it/teatro/teatro-petrarca-arezzo/ - Last show on March 2019
Teatro Verdi (Firenze) - https://www.teatroverdifirenze.it/es/programma/ - Jumps from June to October
Teatro di Pisa (Pisa) - https://www.teatrodipisa.pi.it/ - Last show on July, 6th
Teatro del Giglio (Lucca) - https://www.teatrodelgiglio.it/it/stagione-in-corso/ - Last show on May 2019

I assume I can't find it because maybe it's too early (so I have to wait a little bit) but I am used to Spain (I'm Spanish) where you can check what show they'll have in the next 7 or 8 months.

Can anyone help me with this? Is there a webpage where I can find it or I should wait?

P.S.:My original plan was to get tickets for an Opera in Arezzo, just like the movie La vita è Bella where Guido takes his, at that time, future wife, to the theatre. :rolleyes: