Wheelchair Accessible Buses


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Hi folks. Coming to Florence with our motorhome and finding it difficult to find nearby camp sites. However have found some Motorhome Parking near Airport and Stadium A as a last resort. Can anyone tell me if there are any accessible buses into Florence with a small motorised wheelchair. Also is it worth getting a 24 hour pass. We last came on a ex uk cruise in 2002 so looking forward to seeing the city again. Many thanks.


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I would say almost all of the big buses in Florence are wheelchair accessible. I am thinking it is just the smaller ones, the electrical ones that run in the center that might not have the ramp to get the chairs on the bus. The big ones all do.

Two of the main campsites in Florence are not too far from the bus lines, the best one is the one right next to the Piazzale Michelangelo which has bus 12 and 13 pass right in front.

This newer one is right on the edge of Florence, bus 14 isn't too far from it... about 1km away I'd say:

If you're interested in seeing the center, one-time tickets are more convenient (they are valid for 90 minutes from the time you get on and stamp it) rather than a pass... this is because buses no longer cross the center, so you have to head to the train station, piazza san marco and to the river to catch the ones that run the closest. You can see a map of the bus lines here: http://www.ataf.net/en/timetables-and-routes/la-mappa-della-rete-atafeli-nea.aspx?idC=1123&LN=en-US