Where Can I Find A Laundromat to Wash & Dry My Clothes In The Santa Croce Area?


Someone on TripAdvisor mentioned that there were several places to take your clothes to wash and dry near Santa Croce area. I will be staying in an apartment a few blocks away in June. The apartment has a washer, but no dryer.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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here are three which are fairly close to where you are staying. It is the case with most apartments not to have a dryer (they draw a lot of electricity thus have a tendency to be expensive to maintian). However in these cases they usually provide a "stendino" or a rack for you to hang your clothes and dry them...and in June that will probably take all of one hour - expecially if you have a balcony.

The address below will show a number followed by an "r" that means that the number you are looking for will be in RED. There are black numbers and red numbers on the roads - black is usually residential and red refers to businesses. Don't be fooled in thinking that if you passed the number in black you have also passed it in red.... they follow their own organization and you can find a 4r right around a 20 in black...the numbers are normally on the side of buildings carved into stone and painted red or black.


Laundrette-Lavanderia Self Service
Via Ghibellina 102 r
Mon-Sun 8.00-22.00

Via dell'Agnolo 21r
800 231 172

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Adding to what Donna wrote above - it is quite common for there to not be dryers in apartments here at all, just washers. Everyone hangs to dry, using free solar energy! It also makes for picturesque pictures in some locations (not in Florence, as it is forbidden to hang clothes to dry on external balconies in the center, they aren't considered pretty). Anyways, it will be quick and you won't have to make your way to the local laundromats. Having the washer in the apartment is really quite handy.