Where can I find the following...Old, Authentic, Green, Calm, Real Italian Food


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I'm a Brit, married to a Canadian (his first time in Italy) and we'd like to stay in a small town, with enough restaurants to keep us entertained for 5 days. Something with an old feel, not busy, but maybe a couple of nice places to have a drink in the evening. I have a picture of a beautiful town in my head but I don't know where to start!

We live and work in the middle east and this is our last stop on our summer holidays before we return to the sand, and life in busy Doha.

Can you suggest anywhere? Or a starting point for our search?




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restaurants for 5 days


any town that has enough restaurants for 5 days can't be "that" small... :cool:

but you can look in the Montespertoli area, which is panoramic and there are several agriturismoss (some with their own restaurants) which are enticing.

Another area you could look into is Casentino - Poppi for example has several little restaurants and a beautiful small town atmosphere. (I spent several years in this area and though it isn't Chianti with the vineyards...it is spectacular and will give you a true authentic Tuscan experience.)

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise