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We are a group of 4 adults and 1 toddler (2 years) and will be travelling to Italy in Apr/May. We are startin our holiday in Rome and moving to Florence. At Florence, we plan to spend 3 nights and want to spend 2 nights in the countryside of Tuscany (post which we move to Venice). We are keen to visit the countryside, see some vineyards and stay in a comfortable and countryside villa/B&B. While we are trying to get our paper work for renting a car, it may not come through, so the location has be accessible by public transport. Lastly, was also wondering is Rome-Florence-countryside outing-Venice is doable or should we do Rome-countryside-Florence-Venice.

I have seen so many wonderful places, and there seems to be no dearth of beautiful locations to stay so really confused as to which is the most appropriate assuming lack of car and travelling with a toddler an keeping our interests.:confused:
Thanks everyone in advance


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train vs. car

Hello -

May I ask - when you say paperwork for the car, what exactly are you refering to?

as per the train, the fastest trains would probably be Rome direct to Florence and then even if you spend some time in the countryside, I would come back into Florence and travel to Venice. I find the trains on these routes to be fast, comfortable and - at least my experience - on time. And you don't need to book 1st class to be comfortable.

Since there are 5 in your party, you could consider having a private driver take you out to the countryside and back instead of attempting to use public transport with all your luggage and a toddler. Dividing the cost between the two couples could be to your favor. I would even look into having them take you around for a day in Chianti.

I have worked with Stedop, a taxi company located in Greve and found them to be courteous, prompt and friendly. You can contact them at this link:


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