Where is the small chapel that is black with beautiful paintings of nature?


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I am returning to Florence for 2 weeks, including Easter, this March 2018. On my last visit (2014) I visited Medici homes/libraries etc. and in one there is a small chapel. The background is all black and painted with nature in vibrant colors... birds, fruits, vines. I bought a cup at the Museo Gift Shop to remind me of this experience and now I can't remember which building this chapel is in.

The cup says Museo Opificio. When I look at the Museo Opificio the chapel painting looks like intarsia in another medium?

So I'm hoping you can direct me to the building. And please add anything I might read about this chapel.

Thank you so much for your help.


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You are talking of the Museo dell'Opificio delle Pietre Dure and it is a museum with the works down in intarsia in stone of all colors, most of the themes are nature, including landscapes, birds and flowers. There is a lot of black as background used, but I don't recall a small chapel within the museum. The work of the Opificio is closely tied to the Medici Chapels themselves, since the work of intarsia was developed for the Medici while working on the chapel of the Princes there. So I suggest you visit both - they are both magnificent to admire and study the intricate designs made in the cut stone.


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I will definitely visit the museum. And I'll make a note here when I see this small chapel again.

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