Where to buy a bus ticket of 112, online or ticket office? What's the validate time?


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I travel solo and I can't drive. I want to go to SAN QUIRICO D'orcia
I've found bus 112 schedule https://www.tiemmespa.it/wp-content...As.SIENA-S.QUIRICO-PIENZA-MONTEPULCIANO.1.pdf

I am thinking to take the bus at BUONCONVENTO. But I am confused...

Question 1: However, I am not sure where I should buy the bus ticket. It seems that I can buy online on the website. But it asks me to put a validate time. If I want to take the bus at either 14.10 or 14.55. What time should I pick? If I pick 14:00, can I still get on either of the buses?

Question 2: What does SC mean in the schedule? It seems that it means school. Does it mean that I should not take the SC ones?

Thank you so much for helping