Where to buy nice Italian clothes?

Hi there,
We will be in Italy in about three weeks time, could anyone please tell me where to buy nice Italian clothes??...not the designer stuff like Armani or Prada (can't afford those :)....:rolleyes::)

We will be traveling from Nice to Tuscany....anywhere in-between will be good.

Many thanks, wonderful forum!! :cool::)


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Ciao VintageRose,

As you'll be in Italy, anything you see in shops are what Italians wear and thus considered Italian clothes :) Most Italians don't wear Armani or Prada although there is a high number that do... and there are outlets for those, if you're interested (Outlets near Florence in Tuscany)

So I can't recommend any particular shops... but everywhere you stop, do some window shopping as you sight-see and if you see something you like, buy it because there are no "chain" stores here and you won't find it elsewhere (aside from name brand stores, those are a sort of chain store, right? ;))
Fantastic link!! Thanks Lourdes :cool:...hopefully I will have enough Euro's to empty the shops :D:)

Looking so forward to being in your beautiful country....