Where to do a two night stay (with kids) on the way to Arezzo from Rome


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Hi! We are traveling from Rome to a villa near Arezzo this June and have 2 nights in-between. I have seen that Orvieto is cool, but don't want to follow Rick Steves blindly.

We have been to Siena and Florence. We loved both, but are hoping for a smaller town feel. We have two 6 year olds who will not be super interested in churches, but do not need "child" activities.

We would like to spend both nights in the same town.

Any recommendations?

I suppose we'd rather not rent a car until we need one in Arezzo, but if someplace if fabulous enough to warrant one, it's no problem. I noticed the Saturnia Hot Springs look amazing and would benefit from a car. Would kids like the springs?

Thank you so much! And if you know of any amazing day trips from Arezzo- let me know! Grazi!


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Ciao Roey,

What you could do is stop in Orvieto and visit the town - the cathedral is one of it is best sights ;) but the kids (twins?) should love visiting the caves under the town - see more info here:

From Orvieto you could start your car rental and head to Saturnia, it is fun for kids too as the outdoor falls are a bunch of rocks with lots of shelves where people sit on and kids climb. When we went in April, there were lots of kids who were having fun climbing the smaller rocks (some are a little slippery) and many who were also having fun with the water, sitting under a direct fall or splashing around. It is a very different type of "pool" for them, so they should have fun. Saturnia is pretty far south so it makes more sense to visit from Orvieto than from Arezzo and it is pretty fabulous that I'd suggest getting the car earlier and spending the second night in this area - the kids will also love Pitigliano and the "roads" carved in the rocks all around the town, you can do one of the short walks the next day before heading on to Arezzo.