Where to drive without too many steep, winding roads


I will be in Florence in January and would like to rent a car for one day to drive thru the countryside. (I read about the problems of driving within Florence, so I know to pick up the car rental from the airport.) I've heard that some areas in Tuscana have steep, windy roads that are not easy to drive. Yet I've read that there are areas in Tuscana that are flat and boring, with almost nothing to see.

So my question is, where should I drive to? I thought of going to Bologna, Siena, Pisa, or Venice, but I'm open to other suggestions. My idea is to rent a car in the morning in Florence, and return it in the late afternoon in one of those cities. I can then take a bus or train back to Florence at night.

Please give me suggestions for where to drive to. I really don't like having to handle too many winding roads, yet I don't want the trip to be boring. My wife and daughter very much want to see the beautiful countryside, and I don't want to disappoint them.

Thank you very much.


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Driving in Tuscany


Hmmm.... boring with nothing to see is a new one for me, :eek: but I guess each to his own. Winding roads....sure there are some, but if you stay on the major roads you will always find something interesting to look at and the roads are in good condition with nothing seriously treacherous.

The ride to Pisa is a major highway...so it might not be the best for scenery - however the train takes the same exact route so you could just train it there and back and then everyone would be able to relax (not to mention the cost will be budget friendly)

A trip to Siena via bus is also like going to Pisa - the bus takes the same route you would by car, so instead of spending and getting a car rental you could do everything by bus.

Look into renting a car and driving into Chianti. Yes, there are curves but they are not tight mountain curves. The speed limit is low so you can totally enjoy winding through the panoramic Chiantigiana and stopping at a few small towns along the way.

Check out this link for some ideas: http://www.chianti.com/itineraries-in-chianti/

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Thank you

Thank you, Donna, for your advice. You have helped me a lot. I think your idea of taking a train to Pisa or Siena, rather than a car, sounds great, and is probably what we will do.




Thanks very much, Lourdes. I checked the link you provided. Chianti looks beautiful, and I was surprised to see how close it is to Florence. You're right, I should rent a car for a day trip there, since public transportation there is difficult, and there is a lot to see in Chianti.

Thanks very much for your help. I appreciate it.