Where to land for a week or so

I will be arriving in the Florence Tuscany area and the later part of July, I know it could be quite warm then. I will be of at the end a 4-month travel through Europe and so I am looking forward to finding a place land to relax, be not too far from the beach, older city activities, possibly winery nearby. Lucca was recommended to me. Good choice? I'll continue to rely on public transportation, Uber if there and taxis. I'll fly out of Florence so I don't want to go too far south.

Thanks for your suggestions
Ciao Patricia,

Lucca is definitely a great choice, especially since you're going to rely on public transport. It is well connected by both bus and train to the coast/beach and to Pisa and Florence. With local buses you can go into the surrounding hills, where there are local wineries (check out our article
https://www.discovertuscany.com/itineraries-in-tuscany/strada-del-vino/lucca-wine-roads.html ) but you will have to make the schedules work. It will be easier to join in with a local tour and not worry about the transportation. See some options here: https://tours-discovertuscany.partner.viator.com/Lucca-tours/Wine-Beer-and-Spirits/d22436-tag21575

You can take train to Viareggio and it is easy to enjoy the beaches there. Or head down to Pisa and from there a bus takes you Tirrenia.

Lucca is a very relaxed town, with lots of churches, parks and places to explore. Make sure you take a look at our section on Lucca here - https://www.discovertuscany.com/lucca/

In Lucca, make sure to rent a bike and bike around on the walls! :D

If you want to venture out into the countryside, where buses and trains cannot take you, I definitely recommend looking into guided tours. Especially for winery visits, where you don't want to worry about getting there and back.

Let me know if you have any other questions as you make more plans!