Where to start?

We plan to drive from the Uk at the start of September 2017 and have 2 weeks to explore Tuscany and return.
My husband is not a great lover of crowds, loves wine, history and me so is happy to go anywhere and do anything. He does also enjoy scuba diving if anyone can recommend sites/companies.
I did think we could have 3/4 nights in different places and don't mind using public transport if it makes it easier rather than trying to drive into towns.
I love wonderful views and good food.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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2 weeks in Tuscany


Two weeks in Tuscany meals you can see sooooo much. That is great!

I suggest that you combine two city itineraries with 7 days in the countryside and 2 - 3 days at Elba (great for diving...that's where I do most of mine)

Have a look at these itins:


then do a full 7 days in Tuscany
This itin has two days in Siena and I would add a day check out Montepulciano and maybe another going to Chiusi, Cetona and area.

The last 2 - 3 days head over to the beautiful island of Elba and just mellow, dive and relax!

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise