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Dear all,

I have this idea of hiking the Renaissance Ring this March / April. I would like to stay in one place and return there every evening - I understand that different points of the Ring are reachable by public transport. However, I don't have a clue which that one place would be.

Have you any ideas, done hiking thereabouts?

All replies highly appreciated,


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WOW! That would be a wonderful hiking trip to do!

Since the entire ring goes around Florence, I think the best base is Florence itself - and since most places can be reached by bus or train, then staying close to the SMN train station would be a wise choice.

The thing about the Renaissance Ring is that it is one large loop around Florence - it is about 170km in its entirely! So how many days will you have? ;)

Do you have the map of the ring? It has the route divided into routes with total time, level difference, etc.
That will make it easier to choose with specific tracks are doable, depending on length and time, as well as interest for you. We've done pieces of the ring, so can highly recommend the route between Vaglia - Montesenario and Fiesole (it is long at almost 23km), then the one from Alberaccio to the Madonna del Sasso to Pontassieve, as well as the one that goes to the Convent of Incontro between Pontasseive and San Donato in Collina. I would think the track from Calenzano to Vaglia is also beautiful as we've done Monte Morello on many occasions, just not sure how it looks like from the start in Calenzano. I guess we've pretty much done the eastern side of the Ring and still have the western side to explore!

Many times you have a great view of Florence, although depending on the weather sometimes it is pretty foggy.

Rita the Hiker

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Thanks a lot Lourdes! Nice hints about the walks!

Any further ideas about which SMN-station would be best - central & safe & culturally interesting?? I know this is a difficult question. But at least central & safe?

Have a nice weekend!


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Take a look at this page - http://www.florenceaccommodation.com/florence-train-station/

Florence is actually very small, so even if you stay further away from the station - let's say closer to the Duomo, then you are still less than 10 min walk away from the station. SO this is a good place to start, but go with a place that you fall in love with! That's what traveling is about, isn't it? ;-)


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Hiking the ring


I actually have two tracks of the ring near my home and I have (tried) to hike them both. The area between Grassina and Impruneta) They are indicated from the main road with brown and white signs, however, once I started on the dirt track it was a little more difficult to find signs of the next step. The paths are not all maintained so be sure to have good maps with you so you will be able to find landmarks to help you more from on place to another!

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise