Where to stay?


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Hi all,
Can anyone advise where would be best to stay for me and my 12 year old daughter. She wants somewhere with a pool and I thought a beach nearby would be good. I also want somewhere where there are nice bars and restaurants/culture, somewhere we can look around.
I'm intending to visit Florence and Pisa but I need to find somewhere that would be suitable for both of us.
Any advice would be great.
Thank you.


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Will you have a car? That will impact how far you can stay from the beach. If no car, then I suggest staying directly at a town along the coast -- during the summer (essentially after May), the towns come awake and have lots of bars/cafes/restaurants to explore and roam around, while people enjoy the beach during the day. Depending on where you stay, many hotels/resorts also have pools.

You don't mention when you're coming or for how long. Maybe you could divide your time, starting in Florence, moving on to Pisa and from then on to the coast? That way if you have no car, you can use train to move from place to place.

I would suggest the coast near Pisa - either north toward Viareggio/Camaiore where there is a lot of events and nightlife, or down toward Tirrenia and along the coast toward Livorno. With no car, I'd stay in a town to easily move around, but with a car, your options open up and also let you stay outside of towns further inland. It all depends on whether you want to rely on public transport or not.