Which card or tour for 3 day trip in May


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I am having trouble deciding whether to buy a Firenze card or pay for a tour, such as the Florence Walkabout tour. We arrive on Sunday May 17 and since we are staying in the Oltrarna area, I expect will tour that area on the Sunday and perhaps visit part of the Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens. Since many museums are closed on Monday, we are thinking of doing an all day Tuscany tour that day. That leaves us two full days, Tuesday and Wednesday (we leave on the Thursday). If we buy the Firenze card and do self directed tours using our smart phones for information, do the museums such as the Uffizi have recorded lectures with headphones that you can rent, such as those found in many museums these days? The Florence Walkabout tour includes the use of tablets with I imagine lectures on the various exhibits and includes entry to the Uffizi and Academia. Has anyone done this tour? I wonder if we wouldn't be better on an organized tour? I am not sure that we can use the Firenze card enough in two days to make it worthwhile. A private tour would be wonderful of course, but doubt that we can afford it. The Amici degli Uffizi card has also been mentioned, and I gather it is somewhat less expensive that the Firenze card. Would this be a better option? We are a couple in our 60's but pretty fit. We generally want to see as much as possible. Thanks for your help.