Which CITY for 1.5 month? Nice, with tourist, with bicycles path, beach / hiking area


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Hi! :)

We are going to LIVORNO but now Im not sure.. its a port industrial city... nothing beauty there right? No hiking, no cycling, no beaches...
We cannot change between many cities during 1.5 month because its expensive so we ll explore areas by car and live in one place.

Could you reccomend us some city where we can meet minium of those 2 expectations?
1) are people to meet (english speakers)
2) nice views
3) bicycle paths
4) will be great no so far to hiking places
5) beach not so far?

Now we are in Rezzato for 1 month (north Italy, 15km from Brescia, 40 km Garda Lake) and its bad choice :( - there are:

1) no people on the street :confused: (really I meet them only in Lidl or other shop)
2) nothing to see, only 1 church... pubs and restaurant are empty... like ghost city..
3) 1.5h by car to get to bicycle path
4) 1.5h by car to get to hiking areas
5) 1h by car to get to lake's beach

We know that in NORTH part in Italy the best place for us is north of Garda Lake, e.g - Riva del Garda, or close to Isleo - Ville Camonica.

Please help and share your experience :(
Will appreciate a lot your advice and any support
We love bicycles, hiking, beaches, charming cities (e.g. Venezia, Verona, Sirmione) many people in pubs we can talk to..

Thanks in advance