Which is the best base town in Tuscany if we already visit Florence?


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Hello everyone!

I am so grateful that I have found this forum. I have read some of the blogs and they are extremely helpful. I am in the middle of finalizing a trip to Italy from August 18 to August 31. Here are my questions:

1. We will be coming from Geneva on August 18th. Would you happen to know the best way to reach Florence from Geneva? We will not have a car for that part of the trip.

2. We plan to spend two days in Florence before we rent a car to other Tuscany area. At the end of our entire trip, we plan to return the car in Milan. So shall we rent a car inside the town or go to the Florence airport to get a car? Which way will help us to avoid traffic? :)

3. I read that Chianti is a great base town for the Tuscany region. If we already finish Florence, would you still recommend Chianti as the base town or other places closer to the coast?

4. Other than Siena, I have no idea where we have to visit in the region. Simply because everything and everywhere look so beautiful and tempting. So please help me with some "must see" places in the next 4-5 days.

5. After Tuscany, we plan to go to Lake Como area. Would you please recommend a base town for that part? We have another 4-5 days there. We will have to visit Lugano plus all the other major sites around Lake Como. Or could you please direct me to a similar website likes yours covering the Lake region.

Any help will be highly appreciated. This will be my first trip to Italy! I am so excited to see this beautiful country and meet wonderful people...

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Tuscany on Holiday


It's so much fun planning your holidays! Probably the easiest way to get to Florence will be via train.

As your where to base yourself after Florence, I suggest you start by reading this quick article with a few pointers. Chianti is definitely very romantic and attractive, but there are many other corners of Tuscany that you might just find fit your requirements best:

I am going to share a few links to some of my preferred itin ideas:
This road between Florence and Arezzo is not very touristy yet packed with wonderful opportunities:

You don't need to be a wine lover to enjoy these itineraries which highlight wine but also everything special about these distinct zones of Tuscany:

And definitely take the time to read this article which highlights what many consider the best 5 days in Tuscany. Believe me there are SO many places you could visit, but if you are looking for the classic stops here are a few insider tips:

Buon Viaggio,
Donna Denise