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I'm trying to decide when it's best to go to Florence. I'm thinking late May, since that would be the best for me, as in, not too hot, no big festival, etc. However, I noticed that Whit Monday is actually on the week that I was thinking would work best for me. I'm not religious, so I don't know what it entails in the way of churches and stuff. So I was wondering if there is anything going on at that time in Florence that would make sightseeing or whatever difficult? Like I said, I really don't know how religious people celebrate at that time, and where I live it just means we get a day off and the Christian colleagues do their thing. Italy being so religious, it makes me wonder if they make a bigger deal out of it there. I hope I'm coming across clear.

Thanks in advance for reading my awkward question!


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Dear Isabelle,
next year Easter Sunday will be on the 5th of April...If I'm right, you would like to come to Florence on late May, wouldn't you?
However, Florence annualy is home to an event called the Scoppio del Carro - Explosion of the Cart - that takes place on the Easter Sunday along the streets of Florence old city center. Have a look at this page, where you may find the complete article and the video, just for figuring out if the situation is right for you or not. Piazza del Duomo is crowded with both Florentines and tourists as well, since it's a traditional event that dates back to centuries ago, but it's something you should see at least once in your life...There, tradition and cultural habits go beyond religion and offer everyone a really impressive exhibition!

Besides the Explosion of the Cart, Florence isn't particularly full of religious events during Easter; it will surely be more crowded than usual, since many will have some days off and schools will be closed for the whole week, but that said, I think you'll feel at ease with the visit of the most popular sightseeings of the city.
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Whitsunday is 7 weeks after Easter - looking ahead to May, I don't see any particular events for that time that come to mind! So you can pretty much consider it will be like any other Sunday - churches will have mass and services on their normal schedule, in Florence many shops downtown are actually open for the convenience of visitors. So go ahead and make plans for the week you're looking at, it should not be too crowded yet - May is one of the best months to be in Tuscany!


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sorry sorry sorry!! I've made a mistake reading a wrong word and thus given you an inappropriate answer ...Anyway as Lourdes said, May is a wonderful period for visiting Florence: yet not crowded and too hot as during Summer time!
Maybe you'll come once again to see the Explosion of the Cart ;)