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Retiring and planning to spend a September 2017 in Tuscany. Wouldn't mind driving, hiking, biking. We are both 70 and very fit. We think we'd like an apartment to cook and keep expenses down, but would be open to B&B as well. Budget maybe $200 a day room and food. Any ideas on bases to stay... prefer in the city to watch the people


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A month in Tuscany


Unless you really just want to plant yourself in one place, I suggest dividing your stay in two if not three locations.

Definitely enjoy the city - Florence is beautiful :eek:

Have a look through these self catering apartments in the city center.
You might even enjoy reading through some of our reviews on several of these accommodations at:

(when you book from and of these sites you are going direct through the owner, there is no middle man or commission being paid out)

As for a second location, you could look at staying in the countryside, but maybe something within walking distance of a small town. For example, I just visited Casa Podere Monti, located within walking distance of a quaint but characteristic little town.

Val d'Orcia is another very characteristic area where you can get another perspective of Tuscany. It is beautiful in September - have a look at several of these accommodations

In September I also suggest that you look into staying on a wine producing estate because this is the month of the harvest, and it is sure to be an exciting experience: this link has several reviews on accommodations on a vineyard.

Buon Viaggio

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