Wife's birthday


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Our daughter is currently studying in Florence and my wife and I will be traveling there to visit her March 10-20. My wife's 50th birthday is during this time and I would like to do something nice for her to celebrate. This could be something as simple as going to a nice place to eat or anything else, I really have no idea. I have never been to Italy, but my wife and daughter spent a couple of weeks in Italy for a graduation present for our daughter a couple of years ago and spent a couple of days in Florence. I honestly have no idea for what to do for her birthday so any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


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Something Special


My first idea would be to plan a day where you can do something together (I know that would be romantic and special for me) - for example a cooking lesson ?


or a wine tasting ?


or if you are especially physically active, even a bike ride in Chianti could be lots of fun (especially if combined with a wine tasting :cool: )


Buon Viaggio & Tanti Auguri (Happy Birthday to your wife)

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Without just throwing ideas at the wall and seeing which one sticks, can you provide any idea as to your wife's interests to help with suggestions? Does your daughter have some ideas as to her preferences?