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Ciao Lourdes. Love your help on this site!

We are a couple that will be staying at Relais Vignale in Radda at the beginning of June. A good place to stay I believe?
The reason I write is that I would like to do a day of wine tasting on the 1st or 2nd June, when they have the Open Cellars, and would like to take in the best of Castellina, Greve and Panzano. So 2 things...

Would you have recommendations or links for the best tastings (including those that are centuries old and not generally open to the public, as that would be fantastic to see)?

Also, could you recommend a tour or maybe a taxi or driver that could pick us up from Radda in the morning and return in the evening? Ideally something that doesn't cost a small fortune and will allow us both to drink without having to drive.

Many thanks in advance.



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Some places to check out


I suggest you look into these places:

It is located outside of Giaole in Chianti - so it is a mid point between Florence & Siena and not only is the environment beautiful but they are generous with their tastings. I always take my family and friends here because it is warm and welcoming and I feel like it is a lovely representation of Tuscany

I know the first place is a bit more commercial - but I have always had really good treatment there so I go back very happily - however the next one is definitely family run and delicious wine. Located right outside of Greve.

As for a taxi, you can try contacting Stefano. I have used him several times in the past and he is friendly and reasonable AND he is stationed in Greve, so he is close by.

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Thankyou for the information, it's very much appreciated. I have a few places on the list now and won't be able to visit them all so will try and organise 3 or 4 during the one day in the 3 different villages then I get to see the sights too. Do you think that would be possible?

With regards to using Stefano, how much do you think it would cost to book him for the day to go to tastings at locations around Panzano, Castellina and Greve? I'm just looking for a rough guide.

Thanks again.