Wine Tasting in the Tuscany Region


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Hello, my wife and I will be visiting Florence from 20 April 2016 to 23 April 2016. We would like to dedicate 1 full day to wine tasting. I have read a few things but wanted to get your advice on how to go about that. Should we just book a wine tour, get a driver for the day and do our own thing. Where would you recommend we go? Cost isn't really an issue its just making sure we have the most enjoyable time. We are from California so we have don't many wine tours here in Sonoma, Napa, and Temecula.

Thank you in advance.


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Wine tasting in Chianti


Personally, I am a big advocate of an organized tour for the wine tasting. For lots of reasons (many of which I outline in this article :cool: )

When friends and family come to visit, I can see how much more fun it is for everyone to have a "pro" at the wheel and showing you around...(not that I am pro :p but I do know where I am going) However, I have also hired out an NCC and let the Italian driver show us round, I just selected the vineyards. And if you have no idea what you want to see there really are a lot of good organized tours here in the area.

April will be goregous, and lots of the vineyards and tastings will just be waking up again. Have a look at the article and don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or if you need more suggestions.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise