Wine Tour & Cooking Class


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We will be traveling the Tuscany countryside, by car, for 4 days this fall. We would love a wine & olive oil tour coupled with a cooking class but most of the tours I'm finding are not combined with a cooking class or require travel to/from Florence. Since we will have a car, the ideal would be to find a B&B or farmhouse at or near the vineyard. What site would be ideal to find this type of arrangement. Tour plus lodging. Thanks!:)


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cooking in Tuscany


Actually, if you find a B&B that you really like, you should ask if they do cooking lessons. Sometimes they don't advertise but upon request, they will invite you into the kitchen to drink, eat and be merry!

However, here are a few of my favorites that do advertise their cooking lessons (with wine and olive oil) that you could look at. The Discover Team has actually visited all three and the enthusiasm of your cook will make these events fun!:

And if one of these doesn't really excite you, here is a list of more places that combine accommodations with cooking lessons:

Buon Viaggio,

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