winery and town for lunch-traveling from Rome to Florance


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Hello-Do you have a recommendation to a company that we can get a private driver. We will be coming from Rome on December 13th to Florance. There is 4 of us. I would like to stop at a town for lunch and then a winery. Open to suggestions. For the winery-was thinking in the montepulciano
I know there are a few and have been recommended to go to La Braccesca or Valdipiatta.
Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated.


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If you get a private driver, you can decide which wineries to go to... if you wish for a general tour, there are tour companies that cover the area and they decide where to take you. Are you looking to then end the day in Florence or go back to Rome?

Since I have no experience with Rome, I cannot offer any specific recommendations for drivers from there. You'll need to do some searches and look for "NCC drivers from Rome" as it will be the most affordable option to start with a driver based there. You'll need to ask for quotes.

Another option is to reach Florence by train, then plan on a day wine tour from Florence. You can look at some options through Viator here (affiliate link). As you can see on that results page, tour from Rome to the area are already quite pricey (over 500 euro), so likely a tour from Florence would be more budget friendly.