Winery reservations vs walk-in & payment

Would it be best to make advance reservations for winery tours at some of the more prominent wineries during early October, which is harvest season, or is walk-in an option to get tastings and tours? Also, is it customary for advance reservations for the winery to ask for payment at the time of booking? I've made reservations at several wineries and most have not required for payment in advance.


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You can most definitely wait and do walk-in tours. If you already know which ones you want to visit, check on their site and they will have info on whether they generally prefer bookings during certain periods (some smaller ones do often ask to know when so that they ensure someone is around to welcome you!). Some obviously will give hours for walk-ins, saying if you want to visit at other times to book ahead - for the same reason, to make sure someone is around.

My experience has been - if I go on an organized tour with several stops at wineries, the agency organizing the tour asks for prepayment -- but when going directly to most wineries, you can pay on the day of the visit/tasting.


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I am thinking about visiting Tuscany at the end of October. Will the wineries still be open, and how about the small shops and eateries outside of Florence? I want to make sure I am not missing anything by going so late in the season.:rolleyes:


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Wine Tasting in October


If it is a vineyard you really want to visit and experience, then I would suggest that you make contact with them to confirm if they want a reservation or not. Many times vineyards run low on employees in because many are being pulled into the harvest process - so if they know you are coming in then they will be sure to keep the office fully staffed.

As for payment, my experience is in most cases if you are on an individual / personal wine tasting then you pay at the time of the tasting, however like Lourdes mention groups or tours will normally be requested to pay a deposit.

October is a lovely time to visit Tuscany and you will find that many places are still very much open however, if there is any place you really know is important to you then be sure to make contact with them before you go out to visit. But this is actually good rule of thumb all year round. ;-)

You can definitely contact one of these places which we have personally visited and can attest to the great service:

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