winery tour operating out of Peccioli area?


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Hello everyone,

My family will be staying at various hotels in Peccioli and Terricciola for a wedding in July 2015. They would like to go on a wine tour and of course nobody wants to be a designated driver! What are the options for tours that are willing to collect people from hotels in this region? They would also be willing to drive themselves to Peccioli, and be picked up as a group from there. The tour does not need to be private- I am sure they would enjoy meeting other tourists.



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One option could be to arrange for a driver, in Italy they are called NCC. Depending on how many persons you have going, you could easily split the cost for one day and it could be quite reasonable...and of course EVERYONE can drink!

I have used Stefano ( he has several different size vehicles ranging from seats 8 - 16 and even larger.

and if you want to look for other offers just search NCC Tuscany or NCC Chianti that will give you several to choose from.

I suggest that you look into vineyards near San Gimignano - and include a stop at the town as well. You can also check with the driver, many times they have places to suggest.

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