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My wife and I would like to drive to a few wineries in the Scansano area in mid-March 2019. Can you recommend any wineries which will allow us to call ahead and set a reservation for a visit for tasting / buying? Alternately, if we were to make a day of it, a chauffeured tour (private or with a group) would be a good choice. Can you recommend any particular tour groups? I also enjoy beer in case you happen to know of any breweries in that area. Thank you in advance.


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Wine in Tuscany


Here are a few valuable links you may want to read through which can offer some helpful ideas:

This article talks specifically of the Scansano area and there are a few very helpful links to helpful resources for vineyards open in the period you are traveling:

This area neighbours Scansano and offers a few suggestions for places off the beaten track:

Both of these articles offer different ways you can do a group tour in the area:

I enjoy a good beer too! Here you will find an article on craft beers in Tuscany, the closest to the Scansano area will be in the province of Siena - however, you don't always need to be in the area to drink the beer, be sure to ask the waiter if they have any local beers.

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