Wishlist: Lots of wine, food, relaxation out in the country...without driving at all


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I know I am probably dreaming here with this vision, but here it goes.....
Is there a way my girl and I can fly in (Florence or Rome?)and spend around 7 days over 2 or 3 parts of the Tuscany area without needing to drive or spend a fortune getting out to the winery filled areas where we can spend 2 or 3 nights at B&B's?

Ideally we could walk in to town to eat, drink and relax, may do a few wine tours, take a bus or train and stay in another place with the same attributes and just chill out? The data on this area of Italy is just overwhelming. I have already written off a stop in the Amalfi Coast area as the distance seems fairly great.
Anyone have a magic fix or best kept secret? Thanks in advance!


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A magic fix


a magic fix? not really - though I would love to tell you yes there is but unfortunately some areas are really connected well and some are still just a day dream away. BUT that doesn't mean it is not possible!

Below I have listed a few articles which give you some tips on how to visit the vineyards and Tuscany without a car:
trips without a car, and to some wine tasting:
Read here for more info on how to get there, https://www.discovertuscany.com/lucca/easy-one-day-itineraries-around-lucca.html

Siena is also a great base for getting around,

and while you are there you can walk out to this place for a wine experience:

Another article you should definitely read because it is loaded with ideas is:

And this actually gives you three ideas of where to stay: Lucca, Siena and Chianti.

Buon Viaggio,

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