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Hello there, I have a friend who's moving in to Florence first week of November. He'll be staying there to work as a musician and can't find a nice place to stay. Have you any idea of a bachelors pad or maybe just a small room that is cozy and near the center of Mugello. He's a fine young man, never been accuse odf any crime and he's God fearing.
Your suggestions would be highly appreciated.


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share room or apartment

It seems if your friend is on a budget and wants to share a room, the easiest thing would be to share an apartment with other students here in Florence. At this point, since he is likely already here, the best thing is for him to ask at his work place for help in getting in touch with local student and university offices so that he can find a suitable place to stay at. Most of these type of lodgings - shared apartments or rooms - are not listed on the web, just on bulletin boards around the various university offices. It also helps to be here so that he can take a look at the place before committing for anything.
Best of luck to your friend!