Workstay/farmstay programs in Tuscany


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I am interested in the workstay/farmstay program, in which volunteers receive room and board (sometimes even pocket money) in exchange for collaboration: duties can range from farm work, fruit picking, and cheese-making to helping out in a small hotel, reception duties, ecological projects and language lessons.

Does anyone know of a bona fide, reliable organization which could help me to find a volunteer position such as these in Tuscany? I really cannot afford to pay high fees for this type of service; many online workstay agencies require high payments, and I don't think that this is fair.

Please let me know what you think.

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Ciao Mary,

Yes, there are organizations (associazioni or associations in Italy) and I do believe the cost that many ask is for your safety, as some should include/offer insurance coverage for you while you are in these types of stays at their members'.

The alternative is to contact the farms directly: those that are run directly by families all likely already participate with the organizations you've found and for that reason should be used to how they're run, making use of the help that is available for their small farms. I know for sure of one that does take "woofers" (after one of the major organizations) - you can try to contact Lara directly and see what she says. You can contact her through the form at the bottom of this page: