Young couple with baby. Where to go?


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We're a young couple with a baby who really want to visit Tuscany for a couple of weeks but we have no idea as to where to go or which type of accommodation to take. Our main objectives are;

1) somewhere scenic but lively and with amenities close by. I'd like to be able to walk to a cluster of restaurants and shops from our accommodation.
2) baby friendly
3) Want to visit Pisa at some point during the 2 weeks along with other places of interest.
4) We would prefer a small villa with pool (our sis in law may also be coming with her family) but haven't got a clue where to start looking.
5) We'd like to go during the first 2 weeks in Oct and would like accommodation to be static.
6) any advice on SC accommodation?

Can anyone pin point some where that would tick most of those objectives and can anyone reccommend any accommodation?

How baby friendly is this sort of hol?
How long does it take to drive from one end of Tuscany to the other?

Any places not to take a baby (6 mths) .

any advice on cheap flights?

Soooooorry to ask all these questions. Have researched areas myself but still feel entirely disorientated. Would appreciate any advice on any of the above x x x



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stay near Florence or right outside of a town

Ciao Sarah,

Tuscany and Italy are generally very baby-friendly so you should have no problems. Most accommodations will also provide cribs as long as you let them know that you'll need it.

I think you definitely need to look into a villa/farmhouse/b&b right outside of a town - so that they might have a pool and be walking distance into town. It is very likely that the pool might already be closed for the fall by the first two weeks of October, so you'll have to decide how important the pool is on your list of priorities.

I assume you will also rent a car for the time you are here so that you can move around, or are you planning to depend on trains? The answer to this question will also help us provide more suggestions as to areas and places to stay at.

In general, I recommend you stay somewhere central - very close to Florence, for example. Some places to look into:

La Paggeria - has a pool, is about 20-30 min outside of Florence by bus to the north of Fiesole with a few restaurants nearby. It has a pool and several rooms - if your family and sister-in-law with family comes and get all the rooms, you'll essentially have the villa to yourselves.

Villa I Giullari - a b&b in Florence with pool, located on the hills that overlook Florence near Piazzale Michelangelo, a 15-20 walk from the center of Florence.

Fattoria il Lago - Apartments in a villa with pool about a mile outside of the town of Dicomano in the Mugello valley near Florence where you'll find several restaurants and shops as well as train station for coming into Florence.

As for cheap flights, where are you flying in from? Ryan Air often has great flights into Pisa, as well as Easy Jet. Here is a list of the airlines that fly into Pisa airport. Budget carriers don't fly into the Florence airport but if it is convenient to fly into Florence, look into flights with AirFrance, Alitalia or Lufthansa.

Hope this info is useful, at least for you to start focusing your search! Let us know if we can help further.