4 weeks in Italy~~

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Good afternoon,
We are heading to Italy in June of this year, planning a 4 week stay. Starting in Rome, we want to get to the Tuscan region, Cinque Terre, Venice and finish in the Lake Como region, meeting my sister and brother-in-law there for a few days. I have Rome reservations already as well as Como. In the Tuscan region, I am looking at either Radda in Chianti or Monteriggioni area. We will have a rental car (most likely from Florence). Our plan is to take the train from Rome to Florence, rent the car in Florence to see Tuscan areas on our own. What area do you think would be better? I was hoping for a week in the Tuscan region. Then, should we return rental car and take train to Cinque Terre or drive ourselves? Also, what is the city of Venice current condition for the canals? I have heard they have been dry for the past weeks. Hoping they are getting better and will be good for the beginning of July.

Ciao Nani, welcome to the forum!

Sounds like a great plan! Start in Rome and make your way up. A week in Tuscany in either Radda or Monteriggioni is ideal, it is a very central area and makes it easy to drive to all of the main towns and sights. If you want to spend time in Florence, plan it that you arrive in Florence, spend a day or two here and only then pick up the car rental to head out to see the rest of Tuscany.

I would recommend you return the car in Florence and take the train to Cinque Terre, it's the best way to get there in any case. You don't want to drive along the roads on the cliffs, they are quite narrow.

As for Venice, the news is that the city has managed to keep the high tide water out of the city streets and thus keep them dry. The canals are not being blocked in any way that would endanger them, considering they are used as a system of navigating around the city. The system they set up blocks too much water from coming into the lagoon and flooding the city streets so it's a good thing, otherwise you'd have to worry about wet feet while you're there!
One more question for you ~~ what are some of the places or sites that you would suggest are must see?
Places that are must-see where? In Tuscany, a week would be perfect. You could use the time to drive around and see most of the main areas and sights. Take a look at this one week itinerary I've written up: https://www.discovertuscany.com/itineraries-in-tuscany/one-week-in-tuscany.html There are links to then keep on reading about each of the spots. Take into account that Florence is not included on that itinerary, so if you've never been, I would suggest spending at least a day or two at the start of your week and only after rent the car and drive out to a rental in the countryside (near Radda or Castellina would be ideal - take a look at some of these places in the area: https://www.tuscanyaccommodation.com/castellina-in-chianti/

If you head to Cinque Terre at the end of your Tuscany stay, you could return that car in Pisa and get a train from there rather than drive to Florence and get the train from there.
Grazie, all of your information has been very helpful. We are excited to get to Italy and see all of it's wonderful history, food and wines. We have rented a place in Verona so we will be doing day trips to Venice and the islands there as well as Lake Garda before we finish our time in Italy at Lake Como.
Verona as a base sounds wonderful! I am sure you will have a great time, and remember less is more here in Italy, you have to take your time and savor every step of the way! :D