Artichoke festivals


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I will be staying in Pienza from May 1 to May 12. Are there any artichoke festivals in Tuscany during that time period?
I haven't seen precise dates yet for all but in that time period (end of April - early may) there are artichoke festivals in Riotorto (near Piombino), Empoli and Chiusure, near Asciano which is closest to Pienza.

Actually, just checked and the one in Chiusure has dates for 2024 up already: April 24-28 so earlier than your dates - (program is not up yet, it refers to last year's edition)

The dates from last year for the one in Riotorto ran through May 1 while the one for Empoli ran through May 7. Unfortunately, majority of these events run around the same dates every year but confirmation of precise dates is not found until very close to the dates themselves. Since you already seem to have precise dates, just keep checking for "sagre carciofo toscana" closer to your travel dates to see whether the information is found online, and if that fails, ask as soon as you arrive because locals will know as will the small local tourism offices.