Bus # and Times from Florence Airport to Lucca (weekday)


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HI there -

We are flying into Florence November 15 and our plane is to arrive around 2pm.

I have been researching the best way to get to Lucca from here and it seems the bus comes just outside of the airport so we have decided taking the bus to Lucca from the Florence airport makes the most sense.

The problem I am having is to understand the bus schedule.

I am hoping someone can tell me what bus I would take and what times it would be running on November 15.

The older threads I see indicate it stops just outside the airport.

Any additional information that might be helpful including cost/ where to buy the ticket/ where the bus stop is would be helpful as well!

Thank you so very much for any input!


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15 november is a weekday - so the bus should be running, I have not heard or seen anything like a strike going on.

This document here is the time, schedule. Just look for the word Aeroporto to understand the stop where you will be picked up, and the when they say Viale Guidoni - the lato aeroporto - which means on the airport side, it is because the road actually has a divider in the middle - you won't need to cross the road to get the bus.

PS you will be looking for the times that have a $ on the top of the column which means that the time is for when the schools are open.


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Not sure what map Donna was trying to share as the attachment link did not show through --- but you can always use Google Maps and click on the "public transport" tab to get info on buses and trains. Check them out here:
You can input date and time to get the timetables you need ;)