Halloween in Tuscany



Like Christmas, Halloween is another Holiday celebrated by the whole world. This is the time where family, friends and peolpe from all walks of life gather and share food, stuff and stories. But how does Tuscany celebrate this kind of festivities? Any idea guys? Do they also have the traditional trick or treat? Or do people there also light candles for their dead?
Share your ideas guys.


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Halloween in all of Italy isn't a big holiday

Halloween is not really celebrated in Italy. While the last few several years have seen a rise in the commercialization of the holiday as per American standards, it is really hard to adopt a holiday that has no roots in the culture. Kids might dress up to have some fun, but it is not fun to go around homes for treats when homes are not decorated or even prepared to understand they are supposed to give candy out.

Right now, Halloween is easier to implement as an adult evening out where several discos or restaurants organize a Halloween-themed event.

The Italian holiday is on November 1, all Saint's day and it is customary to remember the dead. Many go to the cemetery to put flowers and light candles but, overall, it hasn't been my impression that it is a large holiday, not as the "dia de los muertos" is in Mexico, for example.


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we have lots of italian friends in Milano and there they DO celebrate Halloween. Of course not that intensive like in the US but it'S coming... In a few years it will be normal I guess?!


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Ciao Vinny,

Didn't meant to suggest Halloween isn't celebrated at all, just not to the extent as in other countries, especially not as in the US. I am not sure about in Milan, maybe they do celebrate more than here in Florence. Here it is definitely not a children's holiday yet - children have much more fun around Carnival time, going around dressed up in their costumes for weeks and throwing paper confetti at people in the street. Candy is much less prominent, a good thing overall! :)