School project about florence, can anybody help?


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Hello readers,
I am currently doing a TPE (personal project) in school along with two other classmates that counts for my French Baccalaureat diploma.
It is about the link between power and art during the italian renaissance, in Florence, and we have to present ourselves to the jury in France in March, but our work must be handed in around February. Since it is impossible for us to visit florence during this time, we are completely depending on internet research, and hopefully, help from you!
we are basing our project on powerful Florentine families during that historical period, and how they had an influence on artists, and their work. it's a passionate subject for us, but so vast that we need any help that can be given, and we're asking you!
can anybody help? it would be much appreciated, and if you're really interested in helping us out, email us at: chca_639 AT hotmail DOT com

additional information: we are studying in a french school, and any french speakers are very welcome! (would be easier) but English is works perfectly as well!

thanks again,
Sophia, Axeline, and Céline


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Sounds like an incredible project! You really can't come to Florence in this time? Have you already been to Florence in the past? I think coming here and soaking in the atmosphere of the art and history of the city would greatly contribute to your project and your own interpretation of the power that was Florence and which influenced the Renaissance at that time.

I'm asking about whether you really can't come to Florence because right at this moment there is a highly relevant exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi (runs until January 22, 2012) called "Money and Beauty". It specially looks at the importance of the growing banking industry in Florence and its influence on the arts and on the Renaissace. If you could come, I'm sure you would learn a lot. In any case, take a look at the presentation of the exhibit here: Introduction - Palazzo Strozzi 3

All Florentine families showed their power and influence through support of the arts, through the purchase of their "own" chapel in their neighborhood church and for the art -whether paintings, frescoes or sculpture - that adorned those chapels. Like you said, the field is vast so it would probably be useful for you to limit your research on just a few of the families... for example, those specific families that had roots in the banking industry? ;-) Or those that didn't but were also influential in supporting artists and their work?