Thanks to all who answered my pre-trip questions & some tips

We had a wonderful time, despite it raining the two days we were in Firenze :) Going off season meant no delays at the attractions(less than 15 minutes at the Tower of Pisa, less than 10 at the Uffizi and less than 5 at the Accadem1a. The only reservations I made (and not in Tuscany) were for the Last Supper in Milan -- and they are absolutely a must.
Check with your bank about pin numbers -- not all ATMs accept 4 digit pins, the Italians apparently use a 6 digit pin. That was a problem twice
Go to Lucca
In Firenze, look for Il Papiro shops -- if you're lucky, they'll be doing a demonstration of how they do the patterns on their paper
Try the Frizzante - bubbling mineral water
If possible, don't do the Uffizi and the Accademia the same day
ALWAYS say Buon Giorno or Buona Sera first when you enter a shop, a restaurant, or wherever -- Manners count and your experience may suffer a bit if you don't
Have a great time!


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So glad to hear all went well!! Thanks for sharing your tips with all of us too! :) Agree with all!