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Hi there

Was wondering if someone could assist. My wife and I are heading to Italy for 10 days for 2 reasons, 1 a wedding in Lucca and 2 a romantic holiday and the route plan looks somewhat like this:

Rome: July 24-26 (accommodation booked) train to Lucca
Lucca: July 26-29 (wedding on 26 July) booking a car, train to next destination
Cinque Terre: July 29-31
Open to suggestion for 1 night in a city on the way to Venice by train for 31 July
Venice: August 1-2

So my questions are as follows:

Is Lucca the best home base in Tuscany? We would love to visit Pisa and some nice vineyards in the region. Should we stay the 3 nights or split it into other towns baring in mind the next destination?

My wife really wants to visit the hot springs in Tuscany but due to the wedding on the 26th we would have to double back south as our Rome accommodation is non refundable. Any suggestions to squeeze this in?

Is it better to stay in a neighboring town to Cinque Terre? Which town is ideal based on the plan above?

Any suggestions for a night stay on the way up to Venice after the Cinque Terre trip?

So overwhelming to fit it all in. Your help would be great guys.
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A Stay in Lucca


Lucca is Lovely! A small town atmosphere loaded with lots to see.

There are also many day trips you can take from Lucca, read the link below, even to cover the hot springs experience and for wine lovers.


Everytime I have gone to CT, I have stayed in Levanto. It is the first town to the north and has frequent train and ferry connections.

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Rather than backtrack south to get to the more "famous" hot springs in southern Tuscany, you should go to Bagni di Lucca which will be much closer. You will have a car while there, so consider exploring up into the Garfagnana valley and up to Lunigiana (on your way to CT maybe?)


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Wine Tasting from Lucca

Thanks all for the great advice. My next question is that since we will be based in Lucca with a car, which wine regions are within driving distance so we can best taste the wines Italy has on offer? :confused: