14 Nights in Italy


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We are going to Italy in June/July 2020.Flying from California to Rome, then Venice to California. We booked 3 nights in Rome at the beginning. We have 4 nights in middle not booked yet. We have 5 nights in Florence booked, then 2 nights in Venice booked. Any suggestions for the 4 nights or should we add more nights in Florence. We are using Florence as our base to go to other cities and we were not planning on renting a car. Is it easy to hire drivers for the day? We like to see Siena,Lucca,San Gimignano,Chianti,Montepulciano,Bolgheri,and any other recommendations. We like wine,cheese and food.


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4 nights in


Instead of making Siena a day trip, how about making it a point of reference for 4 days.

There are many day trips you can do from here (without a car!!) and Siena has so much to offer.


Another place that you can make a point of reference (and save yourself a day trip from Flornce) is Lucca. And from here you will find that there are lots of great day trips you can do without a car:


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It isn't easy to hire drivers for the day at the last minute -- you need to get them booked up ahead of time.

You can, aside from using Siena or Lucca as a good base to explore without a car, also consider joining group tours - they are perfect for heading into wine country (Chianti, Montalcino, etc). They take care of driving so that you can do wine tastings safely, and you get to go into areas not always easy to reach without a car. Take a look at some here:
http://tours.discovertuscany.com/en/8357/search/chianti montalcino