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We are planning to stay late September, 15 days in Tuscany. The idea is to stay for 7 days in Firenze to see all the things and travel around by train to cities like Pisa,Prato, Pistoia, Lucca.Could you give me others suggestions???

The other part of the trip, we have booked a hotel in Colle di Val Delsa, and we intend to rent a car to explore the regions. What cities and villages could we visit?
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Ciao Manoel and welcome to our forum!

15 days in Tuscany sound great - this way you can see the region without feeling in a hurry and going "slow" in Tuscany and Italy for that matter is a large part of enjoying and soaking in the sights.
For your 7 days using Florence as a base, I'd definitely spend at least 2 full days in Florence, even 3, but it all depends on what you want to see - if this is the first time you come to Florence, you definitely should visit the Uffizi Gallery and that takes 2-3 hours to see at a decent pace. Walk around the town the rest of the day, view the monuments and main squares. Do the Galleria dell'Accademia to see the David and the Prisoners on the second day. The Accademia is small so you can fit in another museum on that day - I personally like the Bargello a lot because its main collection is composed of sculptures. If you can, visit the Palazzo Vecchio Monumental quarters/museum - they are truly magnificent, you see the extent of Florence's power in the 15th century. It is still the city hall today but city government uses the back part of the palace and has left the historical part to us visitors. Enjoy the good food and try to avoid overwhelming your senses :)

As for day trips, you should definitely do a day in Pisa and another day in Lucca. Both are easy to get to by train. I think both merit a whole day. Given you have 15 days dedicated to your vacation, it already seems to me that you want to see Tuscany slowly which is truly the best way.

Prato and Pistoia are both really close to each other and closer to Florence. They both have small historical centers so that it is possible to do both in a day.

The harder part might be doing the Chianti area and Mugello valley which I really recommend, without a car - these areas you'll have to visit with buses or wait till you have your car and include them in your second week.
You can go to San Gimignano by bus from Florence, but you might find it easier to wait for the car. Chianti is definitely better by car since there are lots of small towns where you won't spend that much time in each.

Colle Val d'Elsa was a recent discovery for us - have you see our recent post on our day spent there? http://www.discovertuscany.com/blog/destinations/2009/a-beautiful-day-in-colle-val-d-elsa/
From Colle you should visit Monteriggioni, Siena, Montalcino, Montepulciano, Pienza.... go to the San Galgano abbey and see the stone in the rock in the church above the abbey. Visit Volterra if you can, a true medieval gem as well.

These are just a few ideas, if I think of any more I'll post again.


15 days on Tuscany

Dear Lourdes,:)

Thank you for your help I will try to aplly them 100%.
If you have another tips please inform.