24 Nights in Tuscany!

Viv Skye

New member
My husband and I are excited to have flights booked to Verona in Sept/Oct 2024. We have 24 nights all together and wish to dedicate this trip to Tuscany only. We so far have 4 nights booked Florence, after this plan to train to Siena to then hire a car to explore country (and a little coast), then 2 nights in Verona at the end before we fly home. We are all about having no more than 4 more bases, but just struggle to figure out a route. We know we wish to see San Giminano (wishing to stay a few nights minimum - had thought up to a week) to explore here, be able to walk into SG at night, then we thought Montepulciano (because of wine and no night driving), but then we are not sure. We want to experience a lovely Agriturismo and maybe take in some of that lovely coast North of Grosseto? Can anyone give us a nice route that will give us a nice taste of Tuscany over this 3 week time we have to decide? Also, is it possible to hire a car, say, in Siena, then return it in say Pisa?